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Tim Stowers, Former Georgia Southern Head Coach, Discusses Running Triple v. 4-3

Answers to the Test on How Well You Know Paul Johnson’s Numbering System

1- Triple Option is 12/13

2- Midline Lead is 10/11 Lead

3- Zone Dive is 22/23

4- Rocket Toss is 58/59

5- Triple Pass is 312/313

6- Trap is 32/33

7- Down (Belly-G) is 44/45

8- Down Option (Belly-G Option) is 48/49

9- Counter Option is 18/19

10- Rocket Pass is 358/359

Test on How Well You Know Paul Johnson’s Numbering System

I’ve posted Coach Johnson’s numbering system on this site many years ago and have reposted it ever since. Now, I want to see how well you know the numbers he utilizes for the major important concepts. I’ll post the answers at noon today. Here we go.

Example- Zone Option is 26/27

1- Triple Option

2- Midline Lead

3- Zone Dive

4- Rocket Toss

5- Triple Pass

6- Trap

7- Down (Belly-G)

8- Down Option (Belly-G Option)

9- Counter Option

10- Rocket Pass

Answers will be posted later.

Paul Johnson’s Numbering System

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

In the Paul Johnson system, plays are numbered as the following:

10/11 Midline Triple Option

12/13 Triple Option

16/17 Counter Speed Option

18/19 Counter Option

22/23 Zone Dive

26/27 Zone Option

28/29 Double Option

32/33 Trap

44/45 Down

48/49 Down Option

58/59 Rocket Toss

60/70 Dropback Pass

312/313 Triple Pass

358/359 Rocket Pass

360/370 Dropback Pass with Hot Route off Mike

512/513 Triple Pass Out

560/570 Dropback Pass with Hot Route off Overhang

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Paul Johnson on Running Triple Option out of the Trips Formation

Georgia Tech Head Football Coach Paul Johnson on Running Triple versus a Three-Man Surface

From the Nike Clinic

▪ When facing a three-man surface (Triple Stack), take the A-Back and put him out in Trips.

▪ Somebody from the defense has to go with the Playside A-Back.

▪ Put the Playside A-Back out on the hash.

▪ #3 has to go with him.  If #3 does go with him, now #3 is out of the box.

▪ Then, the other A-Back will come in motion and run Triple at him.

▪ You can make the 3-man surface move.

▪ If they don’t cover down, raise up and throw to the Trips A-Back

▪ This eliminates the defense’s three-man surface to run games.

This diagrams shows you how to run Trips Triple versus the Three-Man Surface just as Paul Johnson discussed:

▪ Trips Triple versus Three-Man Surface

▪ PR- Deep Defender

▪ MA- #3

▪ PA- Twirl, Pitch

▪ PT- Veer

▪ PG- Base to Ace

▪ C- Veer to Ace

▪ BG/BT- Scoop

▪ BR- Cutoff

▪ Q- Veer 1, Pitch 2

▪ B- Veer Path

Learn how to install the Triple Option Offense the right way the first time by calling Dr. Cella at 570-332-0265.

Why Block Defensive Linemen?

For 55 years, the Triple Option Offense has proven that you can win big without blocking Defensive Linemen.

Army finished #19 in the country last year… with no athletic scholarship football players. They run the Flexbone Triple Option.

Navy has been to bowl games 14 out of 16 years… with no athletic scholarship football players. They’ve run the Flexbone Triple Option in all 16 years.

Kennesaw State finished #4 in the FBS (1-AA) last year… and they’ve only had football for four years. They’ve been Flexbone Triple Option since day 1.

Lenoir-Rhyne went from 3-7 (2017) to 12-2 (2018) in Division-2 after installing the Flexbone Triple Option… biggest Division-2 turnaround in the country last year.

When you run the Flexbone Triple Option Offense, you make Defensive Linemen INVISIBLE.

If you want to learn how to do this the right way the first time, connect with Dr. Cella at 570.332.0265.

How Do You Refer to the Offense–Is it Flexbone, Triple Option, Veer, or Something Else?

The offense is called a lot of things… feel free to comment on Facebook and Twitter  if you call the offense something other than Flexbone, Triple Option, or Veer.  The poll will be up for a week.

Army Puts on an Opening-Drive Clinic versus Air Force (2018)

The clinic starts after the 5:15 mark of the video and ends at the 28:00 mark of the video.

This opening drive consisted of 21 offensive plays by Army.

The drive lasted 12 minutes and 55 seconds.

You can watch the 21-play Army drive below, and the action starts at the 5:15 mark.

Paul Johnson’s Seven-Step Flexbone Triple Option Installation Procedure


Seven Principles for Dealing with Flexbone Triple Option Haters

1. It doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it. What matters is how many people do.

As long as you’re accomplishing your objectives with the Triple Option, the haters will possess a cascading effect–and then they don’t matter.

2. 10% of people will find a way to take anything personally.  Expect it.

NEVER respond to the criticism or respond to things that do not warrant a response.

3. Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.

If you respond to EVERYONE about the Triple Option, you’ll get more behavior you don’t want and less behavior you do want.

4. If you are really effective at what you do, 95% of the things said about you will be negative.

The best coaches are almost always the people who get the most criticism.

5. If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.

Train yourself to be effective at dealing with, responding to, even enjoying criticism… In fact, take the quote a step further and encourage people to actively pursue being thought foolish and stupid.

6. Live well.

If a vessel contains acid and you pour some on an object, it’s still the vessel that sustains the most damage.

7. Carry onward.

If you believe you can change lives with the Triple Option, do what you believe is right, expect resistance, and expect attackers.

Six Mandates of a Flexbone Triple Option Quarterback

Six Mandates of a Triple Option Quarterback 

by Dr. Lou Cella

1.When it comes to football–Ignore the noise.

People are going to hate the Triple Option because they do not see this offense on Sundays.  Get over this fact.  Fans only like what they are able to understand.  If you listen to them, you’ll be sitting with them in the bleachers soon enough. 

2. Behavior is the following: a. Serious; b. uni-polar; c. obscure.

Celebrities can’t run an offense.  Eliminate the panic button because you can score on your next play.  Only uni-polar people apply to play Quarterback.  You must be the same man every day.

3. Read #1 and Pitch #2 with your legs.

Squat and move to the right spot. 

4. Know the Triple Option cold as the goal is accuracy on every play.

If you accurately react to the blood stunt and the easy stunt, you are on your way.  You make every, single play when you put the ball in the right person’s hands and when you administer the game.

5. Know your B-Back, A-Backs, Receivers, Center, Guards, Tackles, and what they are attempting to do on the Triple Option.

This is because when one of them fails, we all fail.

6. You are evaluated by scoring NOT yardage.

  The team with the most points always wins.

If Your Small Offensive Line Scares You Right Now—Read This

After running a camp with Dr. Lou Cella as Camp Director, Bayfield HS (CO) had an undefeated regular season for the first time since 1996 and advanced to the state championship game in Colorado.  Their Offensive Line averaged 180 pounds.

“We were looking to take that next step, and felt that a camp might be just what the doctor ordered. We were not disappointed. We were already committed to the triple option, but the camp brought a much higher level of focus and understanding to our team, both players and coaches. Now when we tell our kids to ‘trust the system’ they know what we’re talking about.”

Marshall Hahn, Head Football Coach, Bayfield High School (CO).  Bayfield (CO)- went to the state championship game just months after their Triple Option Camp with Dr. Cella.

– Marshall Hahn, Head Football Coach

triple option football academy 

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Paul Johnson’s Explanation of the Triple Option in His Playbook

This is an excerpt from Paul Johnson’s playbook dating back to his time as Head Football Coach at Georgia Southern.  You can find copies of this playbook throughout the Internet.

Coach Johnson explains these four points.

“12/13 is our inside veer play.  We load when the run support (#3) is inside the tackle box.  Our option count begins with the first down lineman touching the Playside Tackle (#1).  This is the read key.  #2 is the next man outside of #1 to Linebacker to Secondary.  #3 is the run support.” –Paul Johnson


  1. Playside Tackle calls “3” or “4i” to determine #1.
  2. Playside Tackle calls “inside” or “outside” to determine if the Linebacker is in the option count.  “Inside”= Offensive Line or A-Back account for the Linebacker; “Outside”= Quarterback counts him as #2, reads him, and prepares for the EZ stunt (#2-1 exchange).
  3. Find #1, 2, 3, and Deep Defender.  The Deep Defender is the defender who drops over the top of the Playside Receiver at the snap.  There are two Deep Defenders on the field with one on each side; however, if the formation is Over and Heavy, both Deep Defenders are to the formation side.
  4. Load when #3 is inside the box.


Paul Johnson’s Three Key Passing Game Concepts off the Triple Option

Triple Pass is utilized when the defense forces the Quarterback to pull and pitch the ball.  When the defense does this, whether they consciously realize this or not, they must utilize their safety and corner to play the Quarterback/Pitch in order to get an alley defender.  This means they have just sacrificed pass coverage for run support.  There are three concepts off the Triple that matter the most to Paul Johnson, and he articulated this in a clinic talk in Colorado.

1- Vertical (run against a middle-of-the-field safety)

Constraining the Single-High Safety with Triple Pass. PR- Vert-Skinny PA- Vert-Wheel OL- Slide Away BA- Pitch-Kick BR- Deep Drag Q- Veer Pass Steps B- Veer Path-Kick

2- Switch (this is built into the call when there is a playside safety)Triple Pass versus 4-3 Cloud. Playside Receiver- Vert-Skinny (playside safety) Playside A- Vert-Wheel (playside safety) OL- Slide Away BA- Pitch-Kick BR- 17-yard drag Q- Triple Pass Steps B- Veer Path-Block 1st threat off PT

3- Titan (this is an independent tag)Triple Pass Titan PR- eight-yard stop PA- Corner route OL- slide away BA- pitch-kick BR- post Q- Triple Pass Steps--throw corner to stop B- Veer Path-Kick

Utilize these concepts when the defense forces a pull/pitch as they have just sacrificed pass coverage for run support.

The Academy

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Inside Navy’s Offensive Playbook: Navy’s Top Two Plays in 2015

Navy had their best season since 1963.  They were beyond successful with their 326 yards/game rushing offense.  Here’s what they did.

1- Triple Option (23% of offense)

Triple v. 3-4 PR- Deep Defender PA- 3 PT- Veer PG- Base to Ace C- Scoop to Ace BG/BT- Scoop BA- Pitch BR- Cutoff Q- Veer 1, Pitch 2 B- Veer Path

Triple v. 3-4
PR- Deep Defender
PA- 3
PT- Veer
PG- Base to Ace
C- Scoop to Ace
BG/BT- Scoop
BA- Pitch
BR- Cutoff
Q- Veer 1, Pitch 2
B- Veer Path

2- Zone Option (11% of offense)

Zone Option vs. 4-4

Zone Option vs. 4-4


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Utilizing the Freeze Concept to Run the Triple Option Offense

Freeze is utilized when a defense is stemming, stunting, and blitzing in an effort to reveal themselves before the snap.

Once the defense reveals themselves, the Quarterback can put the offense in the best possible play. 

Freeze in Action

Freeze in Action

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Two State Semifinalists, A State Finalist, and a State Champion in Texas have Come out of Dr. Cella’s Triple Option Football System In Four Years

Triple Option Football Academy Owner, Dr. Lou Cella, is a Sports Performance Specialist, and a 20-year coaching veteran of theTriple Option Football Academy Owner, Lou Cellacollege and high school level.  

Dr. Cella assisted in the turnaround of numerous high school football programs through his triple option-based camp system. Just months after Dr. Cella served as camp director,Cashmere (WA) and Timmonsville (SC) went to the state semifinals, Bayfield (CO) went to the state championship game, and Falls City (TX) won their first regional and first state championship in school history.

In addition, Hereford (MD), Johnson (NJ), Lakewood (SC), Petaluma (CA), Piedra Vista (NM), Poland (ME), Riverwood (GA), San Benito (CA), Seminole County (GA), and Temple City (CA)posted drastic turnarounds just months after Dr. Cella served as their camp director.

At the heart of the American Football Sports Science-Mental Conditioning Academy (AFSSMCA)and the Triple Option Football Academy is the mission to lead the high-performance football environment through sports science and mental conditioning coaching practices.

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