Drastically Increasing Aggressiveness With Your Flexbone Triple Option Players

In order to compete with the big boys on your schedule, here are five tips to get more competitive NOW in the Triple Option Offense.

1. Broaden your scope.  Consider ways to take on different challenges within your role. Work on more situational football to keep players alert and guessing.

2. Seize opportunities to throw the football.  Don’t keep your head buried in the sand. When the safety is flying up or the corner isn’t backpedaling at the snap, it’s time to go deep.

3. Eliminate passivity. Just because you run the Triple Option offense doesn’t mean that you supplicate yourself.  You are still coaching offensive linemen to dominate the line of scrimmage with scoops, veer releases, and ace blocks.

4. Prepare for surprises. Always be ready for the STEM and the BLITZ.

5. Recalibrate as you go. Decrease the chances that you’ll be caught off guard.  When somebody does something to you and you do not have an answer, there are over 4000 articles on tripleoptionfootball.com that assist you in the process.