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2017 Army West Point Triple Option Breakdown vs. Fordham

Army: 513 yards, no completions in opening win

Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for two touchdowns and gained 128 of his 177 yards in the first half as Army crushed Fordham 64-6 in the opener for both teams Friday night (9/1/17).

Army Offense Total Plays- 49
Zone Belly- 12 (24% of offense)
Belly Option- 7 (14% of offense)
Triple Option- 6 (12% of offense)
Midline Lead- 4 (8% of offense)
Rocket- 4 (8% of offense)
Zone Option- 4 (8% of offense)
Other Plays Run
Trap- 3; Zone Dive- 3; Sneak- 2; Belly Pass- 2; Counter Option- 1; Down- 1
Quick Facts
  • 3/4 of Army’s Offense was Zone Belly, Belly Option, Triple Option, Midline Lead, Rocket, Zone Option, and Heavy Down (Belly-G).
  • 40% of Army’s Offense was a Belly Variation (Zone Belly, Belly Option, Down).
  • Army did not complete one pass the entire game, and Army average 11 yards/run on 47 attempts.

2017 Navy Triple Option Breakdown vs. Florida Atlantic

Navy vs FL Atlantic
Yesterday, 8:00 PM
FAU Stadium, Boca Raton, Florida
42 – 19
Florida Atlantic
  1 2 3 4   Total
Navy 7 14 14 7   42
FL Atlantic 3 7 3 6   19
Navy Offense Total Plays- 61
Midline Triple- 15 (25% of offense)
Zone Option- 10 (16% of offense)
Follow- 4 (7% of offense)
Other Plays Run
Triple Pass- 3; Down (Belly-G) Pass- 3; Midline Lead- 3; Rocket- 3; Triple- 2; B-Back Toss- 2; Midline White- 2; Rocket Option- 2; Speed- 2; Rocket Boot- 2; Zone Dive- 2; Down (Belly-G)- 2; Hitch- 1; Trap- 1; Sneak- 1; QB Draw (Eagle)- 1
Quick Facts
41% of Navy’s Offense was Midline Triple and Zone Option.  

Triple Option Offensive Breakdown of Navy’s 2016 Win Versus Notre Dame

Navy beat Notre Dame in 2016.

Navy has zero scholarship football players.

Notre Dame’s has 85 scholarship football players.

How does a football program with zero scholarships beat a football program with 85 scholarships?

This is very simple–with the Triple Option Offense.

The offensive breakdown of Navy’s 2016 victory over Notre Dame is found right here.


2016 Georgia Tech Triple Option Offense Breakdown versus Kentucky (Taxslayer Bowl)

Georgia Tech- 33 v. Kentucky- 18

Georgia Tech Triple Option Offense Total Plays- 67

Triple Option- 15/67 (22% of offense)

Zone Dive- 15/67 (22% of offense)

Dropback Pass- 5/67 (7% of offense)

Rocket- 4/67 (6% of offense)

Down- 4/67 (6% of offense)

Triple Pass- 4/67 (6% of offense)

Sprint Pass- 4/67 (6% of offense)

Other Concepts Utilized:

Rocket Pass- 1

Speed Option- 1

Rocket Boot- 1

Outside Veer Give- 4

Counter Option- 2

Eagle (Quarterback Draw)- 1

Trap Option- 1

Trap- 2

B-Back Toss- 1

Counter Speed Pass- 1

Counter Speed- 1

Notes: 3/4 (75%) of Georgia Tech’s Offense versus Kentucky was Triple Option, Zone Dive, Dropback Pass, Rocket, Down, Triple Pass, and Sprint Pass.

Triple Option and Zone Dive were 44% of Georgia Tech’s Offense versus Kentucky.

This fact was noted in the broadcast.  During the game, Paul Johnson’s visual focus is the following:

  1. FIRST on the defensive secondary.
  2. NEXT on the linebackers.
  3. FINALLY on the defensive first level.

When Coach Johnson is on the sideline, his primary focus is what the third level of the defense is attempting to do.  

2016 Georgia Tech Triple Option Offense Breakdown versus Kentucky (Taxslayer Bowl)–First Half

Georgia Tech Offense- 20 vs. Kentucky- 3

Total Plays- 31

Triple Option- 9/31

Zone Dive- 3

Triple Pass- 3

Sprint Pass- 3

Dropback Pass- 3

Other Concepts Utilized: Rocket- 2; Rocket Pass- 1; Down- 2; Speed- 1; Rocket Boot- 1; Outside Veer Give- 1; Counter Option- 1; Eagle (Quarterback Draw)- 1

Notes: Triple Option is 29% of Georgia Tech’s first-half offense.

2/3 of Georgia Tech’s first-half offense is Triple Option, Zone Dive, Triple Pass, Sprint Pass, and Dropback Pass.

2016 Army West Point Triple Option Offense Breakdown versus North Texas (Heart of Dallas Bowl)

Army West Point Offense (38) v. North Texas (31)

Total Plays- 78

Triple Option- 17/78 (22% of offense)

Zone Dive- 13/78 (17% of offense)

Zone Belly- 10/78 (13% of offense)

Zoom (Midline Triple Option)- 8/78 (10% of offense)

Zone Option- 7/78 (9% of offense)

Follow- 5/78 (6% of offense)

Other Concepts: Trap- 2; Cowboy- 2; Outside Veer Give- 2; A-Reverse- 1; Zone Belly Pass- 1; Down- 2; Rocket- 3; Rocket Pass- 2; Midline White- 2; A-Reverse Pass- 1

Notes: 77% of Army’s Offense was Triple Option, Zone Dive, Zone Belly, Zoom (Midline Triple Option), Zone Option, and Follow

2016 Army West Point Triple Option Offense Breakdown versus North Texas (Heart of Dallas Bowl)–First Half

Army’s Offense (24) versus North Texas (21)

Total Plays- 39

Triple Option- 9/39 (23% of offense)

Zone Dive (all variations)- 8/39 (21% of offense)

Zone Belly- 5/39 (13% of offense)

Zoom (Midline Triple Option)- 4/39 (10% of offense)

Other concepts: Trap- 2, Cowboy- 1, Outside Veer Give- 1, A-Reverse- 1, Zone Belly Pass- 1, Down- 1, Follow- 2, Zone Option- 3, Rocket- 1

Notes: 2/3 of Army West Point’s First Half Offense was Triple Option, Zone Dive, Zone Belly, and Zoom (Midline Triple Option).

2016 Navy Triple Option Offense Breakdown versus Louisiana Tech (Military Bowl)

Navy’s Offense (45) versus Louisiana Tech (48)

Total Plays- 63 

Triple Option- 13/63 (21% of offense)

Zone Option- 11/63 (17% of offense)

Triple Pass- 7 (11% of offense)

Midline Lead- 6 (10% of offense)

Midline Triple (Zoom)- 5 (8% of offense)

Other Concepts: Counter Option- 2; Outside Veer Give- 1; Rocket Pass Boot- 2; Hitch- 2; B-Back Toss- 1; Rocket- 2; B-Back Toss Pass- 1; Belly Pass Boot- 1; Zone Dive- 1; Follow- 1; Sneak- 1; Rocket Boot- 2; Rocket Counter Option- 2; Down- 1; Rocket Pass- 1

Notes: 64% of Navy’s Offense was Triple Option, Zone Option, Triple Pass, Midline Lead, and Midline Triple (Zoom)

2016 Navy Triple Option Offense Breakdown versus Louisiana Tech (Military Bowl)–First Half

Navy’s Offense (24) versus Louisiana Tech (31)– First Half

Navy Triple Option Offense Total Plays- 31

Zone Option- 8

Triple Option- 4

Triple Pass- 4

Midline Lead- 3

Rocket- 2

Counter Option- 2

Midline Triple, Outside Veer Give, Rocket Pass Boot, Hitch, B-Back Toss, B-Back Toss Pass, Belly Pass Boot, Zone Dive

Notes: Over 50% of Navy’s Offense is Zone Option, Triple Option, and Triple Pass

2016 Georgia Tech Triple Option Offense Breakdown versus Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt vs Georgia Tech
Today, 12:30 PM
Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field, Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia Tech- 38 v. Vanderbilt- 7
Georgia Tech
Yellow Jackets

Total Plays- 58

Triple Option- 17/58 (29% of offense)

Dropback Pass- 10/58 (17% of offense)

Sprint Pass- 6/58 (10% of offense)

Outside Veer Give- 5/58 (8% of offense)

Counter Speed- 4/58 (7% of offense)

Other Plays: Rocket Boot Pass- 2, Counter Option- 2, Zone Dive, B-Back Toss- 2, B-Back Screen, Rocket-2, Rocket Pass, Midline Triple- 2, Down- 2, Triple Pass

Notes: 44% of Georgia Tech’s Offense was Triple Option, Outside Veer Give, and Counter Speed.  Georgia Tech ran Down twice and both times they scored touchdowns.

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