How to Create a Sense of Urgency Within Your Triple Option Football Program

There are several steps the Triple Option Coach takes to create a sense of urgency within the players, coaches, and stakeholders, and they include the following:

• Having brutally honest conversations involving data sharing which supports the claim that change is necessary to ensure program-based decisions and actions to actually create positive change (action over talk).

• Utilizing the shared data to show investment to the coming change leading to eliminating obvious waste (facts over feelings).

To lead a change effort and gain the cooperation of those involved, the first step coaches must take is to create a sense of urgency.

This requires brutally honest communications that create a sense of urgency rather than a sense of doom.

By creating both a compelling picture of a desired future and the danger of accepting the status quo, coaches greatly improve their chances of gaining the investment of everyone for a necessary change effort.

You cannot create urgency without effectively communicating to your team why change is necessary.

In God we trust—all others… BRING DATA!


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