3 Ways to Change the Culture of Your Offense: Priorities, Habits, and the System

3 types of activities need to occur for an organizational (or individual) change to succeed.

First off, every player needs to understand that there are new priorities that really matter. These priorities need to be easily recallable, sticky ideas that make complete sense with everything else going on and get people thinking in new ways. They need to appear desirable, as well as feasible. Without those three factors, people will not pay sufficient attention to a change.

The second step, the harder work, involves building true habits that support these priorities. Building habits take time and attention, it doesn’t happen by just wanting to.

The third step involves systems that support everything, to keep the priorities and habits alive. As a simple example, you can get people to want to be healthier, but to do so they have to actually go and exercise, and that’s much easier if give them a gym to use and get them to schedule this in their calendars ahead of time.


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